Inspiration For Expression

Yesterday was our Global Women Prayer Conference… Evolve… Inspiration for expression…

Ok, I was inspired.. I am evolving. I am so grateful for Pastor Dotun Arifalo, such a great woman of God…

Here are some of the lessons I picked up..

1. I have a Father and He has sent me here on assignment.
2. His word is my life manual hence I must spend time studying and meditating…
3. I have to be connected with my Father… (this is one reason you have to be born again, don’t think it’s a cliche, We need a Spirit rebirth for this journey)
4. I must communicate with my Father. He knows the end from the beginning.. What better way to win through this than being in touch with Him. I must pray in tongues so much.
5. I must feed my mind.. I need to give the HolySpirit some substance to work with. I should read books, make quality research.. Go after information.
6. I must network. I should be with the right people. I need people that will lift me up, I need people that I will lift up and I need people that will counsel me.
7. I must tell you about Jesus….

Thank you for reading..

Here’s to a new season of impact.

I am Coach Ifedolapo

I help women understand the e Commerce space and find their feet in it…


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